Is this the feud that will tear the Kardashians apart?

Kim Kardashian‘s strained relationship with her ‘reclusive’ younger brother Rob Kardashian has reached breaking point. The spat’s been simmering for years, but the final straw came last week when Rob, 28, posted an Instagram picture of Rosamund Pike as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl, covered head-to-toe in blood, captioning the snap: ‘This is my sister Kim, the bitch from Gone Girl…’ Charming!

A source close to Kim, 34, tells us: ‘She’s heartbroken over what’s happening with Rob. When their father [Robert] passed away he told her to take care of Rob, so she’ll always have that special bond with him. But Kim just doesn’t get Rob and that’s tearing him apart.’

Rob and Kim have been at loggerheads since Rob skipped her wedding to Kanye West, 37, last May. Sources at the time said Rob was ‘sickened’ by the extravagant ceremony, dubbing it ‘superficial bullshit’ – though Kim later insisted: ‘There was no fight.’

But the strain between the pair was still evident in January, when Kim used Rob‘s Instagram account when his phone was unattended, posting selfies and writing: ‘Guess who??? Since Rob doesn’t post selfies I think I should! He might delete them soon since he’s a Tweeter and deleter.’
Our insider adds that the siblings’ differing approaches to business are also a bone of contention. ‘Kim‘s always had a go-getting business mind,’ says the source. ‘But Rob‘s often taken a back seat, even when it comes to his socks company.’

Another divide between Rob and Kim is how they’ve dealt with their weight battles. Last year Rob launched a bid to lose 501b (3st 8lb) – weight he says he gained while dating Rita Ora back in 2012 – posting pictures of his ‘fat boy diet’ of fish and vegetables after going on five mile runs. He began working out with trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson, who revealed: ‘We do intervals with strength movements, squats, the sled, swings and push presses.’

But by February, Rob seemed to have thrown in the towel after failing to lose the weight, Tweeting: ‘Last throwback of the day and yes I’m fat now so y’all haters can literally suck dick.’

Our source says: ‘Kim‘s frustrated Rob hasn’t tackled his issues and is taking a tough love approach with him. She’s had to take a step back for now and prioritise Kanye and their baby North, but she’s let Rob know the door is always open.’

To make matters worse, Rob‘s been plagued by rumours of substance abuse, with claims he was driven to ‘self-medicating with strong prescription painkillers, doing heavy drugs and taking sizzurp, a combination of prescription strength cough syrup and sugary soda’ at the time of Kim‘s wedding. Rob has never addressed the rumours publicly.
However, his behaviour has led fans to believe he could be suffering from depression. In April 2014, he Tweeted: ‘No one will ever understand how much it hurts’, before quickly deleting it. He quit Keeping Up With The Kardashians just weeks later.

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