Pink hair and Cheryl as her BFF – Kimberley isn’t your average mum. Here, she talks to Now about how her life’s changed since having baby Bobby

She gave birth nine months ago to her first child, son Bobby, with her partner of more than 10 years Justin Scott, 32, and since then life’s been completely different for former Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh. Nowadays it’s all about dirty nappies and nights in front of the TV watching her best friend Cheryl Fernandez-Versini on The X Factor rather than hitting the dancefloor at star-studded showbiz parties – but Kimberley’s loving every moment.

‘I definitely want more children. I won’t put a number on it, but we just want to make the family bigger and bigger,’ she tells us. Here, Kimberley, 33, who’s also stepmum to Justin’s daughter Chloe, 16, reveals all about family life, why BFF Cheryl won’t be babysitting and her thoughts on the new X Factor judging panel…

Kimberley, how has your life changed since you became a mum?

It changes everything really because your whole life is about looking after one person. Everything else that you’d normally do comes second to that. I think I’ve adjusted really well. I love it!

Has being a mum changed you personally?

I don’t think it’s changed me in a huge way. I think it’s kind of broken me down a little bit. I was a little bit tougher and it’s softened me a little bit. Maybe I’m a little bit more emotional. That’s what happens – they break you down because you love them so much. It can kind of bring that out of you.

What does becoming a mum mean to you?

I just can’t imagine life without Bobby. Justin says that to me a lot – he’s like: ‘I don’t know what we did when he wasn’t here.’ It’s like everything you do is about them. I’ve always been a family person – I come from a big family myself. My brothers, sisters and I spend a lot of time together and we’re really close. It’s nice that I’ve got Bobby and two nephews who all like to play together. So they’ve got
each other and we just want to keep making the family bigger and bigger!

How many children would you like, do you think?

I’m not going to put a number on it now – when you’re young you say you want this and you want that, but you’ve kind of got to let life take its course and see how it turns out. But I do definitely want more.

You’re in your early thirties now – did you ever feel pressured to have children earlier?

No, it’s a personal thing. You know yourself when it’s the right time. It is not something you should force on someone just because society says you should. It should be a natural thing that two people want to do and you just do it.

Were you broody before now?

I’ve always been broody. I was broody when I was 15! I was lucky because I had nephews and I could enjoy looking after them then handing them back.

Your best friend Cheryl has started filming for the next series of The X Factor panel. Has she babysat for you?

I think all hopes of babysitting have gone now that she’s back on The X Factor! She’s been able to come and see Bobby a lot recently, which is nice. Then we’ll have to go down to hers when she starts on the show because I know how hectic she is. Last year she was like: ‘Come and see me!’ I was like: ‘I’m too tired and pregnant
– it’s not going to happen.’ I didn’t even make it to the show [laughs].

Do you think Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora will make good judges?

Obviously we know what to expect with Rita because we’ve seen her on The Voice. I think it’s great that she and Cheryl are different characters but they get along well. And I’m quite excited about Nick because it’s a different angle – coming from radio and bringing a non-performer’s perspective is a totally new thing.

Are you friends with Nick?

I’ve met him a few times and worked with him over the years.
I really like him and find him warm, easy to get on with, funny and witty. Hopefully, that’s what we’ll see of him and the public will fall in love with him.

He’s faced a lot of criticism, though – is that unfair?

He’s a bit like Marmite – people love or hate him. Maybe they’re not giving him a chance because they haven’t seen him on TV much. I think he’ll be a good judge.

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