New mum Kimberley Walsh opens up about how she works out whilst baby Bobby is asleep!

Kimberley Walsh has revealed how she’s finally feeling like herself again body-wise, 10 months after the birth of her son.

The Girls Aloud star is refreshingly honest about her battle with the baby weight. Kimbers admits she wasn’t actually that bothered about carrying extra pounds to begin with, given that her focus was quite rightly on caring for baby Bobby with her partner Justin Scott.

But eventually the new mama decided the time was right to slowly start getting back into shape.

‘I honestly didn’t care less about it [until Bobby was six months old],’ says Kimberley, 33.

‘It was gradually coming off with breast-feeding. It was slow, but in my head I was like: “It’s fine because he’s only four weeks old… He’s only six weeks old…”

‘I started back one day a week at This Morning [in December] and felt a bit “urgh”, but I’d just had a baby and everyone knew that. Plus I never watch myself back, so I didn’t have to look at it!

‘But then suddenly he was six months old and I realised it didn’t really feel like I could say I’d “just” had a baby any more! It was time to take some action.’

And take action Kimbers did. The singer – who gained 3st during her pregnancy – bravely gave up extra sleep time by working out with a trainer during Bobby’s naps. Impressive stuff!

She’d already lost a stone immediately after the birth and one through breast-feeding, so the routine helped Kimberley towards shedding the final stone. Her fitness regime was combined with healthy eating, having cut down her food intake ‘without resorting to any fad diets’.

Now with back-to-back runs in the West End for Sweet Charity and Elf: The Musical lined up, the new mum still hopes to lose another half a stone before next month. For what it’s worth, we think you look fine as you are, Kimbers!

‘I have times when I’m fitter and thinner and, although I’m not there yet, I am back to my “normal”,’ Kimberley tells Fabulous magazine.

‘I’m not quite what I was, but I’m not far off, so it’s fine. There have been a few times recently where I’ve worn something and been like: “Ahh, I almost look like me again.” Almost!’

You’re looking great, Kim!

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