Socialite wants to get to know the actor better

Kimberly Stewart is said to be keen to hook up with Jude Law following their smooch last month.

The couple were spotted getting close in the VIP area of Club 195 in Epping, Essex – and insiders say she wants more of the same.

‘Kim’s a savvy girl. She knows her and Jude were never going to be a serious long-term thing,’ the source tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘But she loved his company and they really seemed to hit it off when they got together last month.’

So Kim, 28, has given him a call to see if they can get to know each other a little better.

‘They had a great time and she got the impression that he enjoyed himself as well so she gave him a buzz to see if he was up for meeting again,’ the source adds.

Jude, 35, was previously engaged to actress Sienna Miller, 26, and was married to Sadie Frost, 42, with whom he has 3 kids.

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