Kourtney Kardashian fears for ex partner Scott Disick's safety in the new episode of KUWTK airing next Sunday

The fall out from Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick‘s relationship has already played out on Instagram with the couple trading shots against each other with pointed posts. But the shocking season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians due to air on E! Channel next Sunday sees Kourtney discuss with one of his close friends that Scott could be ‘suicidal’.

Following their split in July, Kourtney is seen taking a call from Scott’s friend Chris.  We hear Kourtney tell Chris that their five-year old son Mason had sent his dad a late night text. She goes on to reveal that Scott had texted her at 1.30am saying ‘Tell the kids I love them and anything that comes up bad about me isn’t their fault.’ Reporting her conversation with Chris to Kris Jenner and sister Kim, she goes on to reveal that Scott is in a really dark place. ‘[Chris is] saying that he’s hysterically crying and saying I love you and just, like, being suicidal talk. Then he’s like “I’ve never heard him do that. Ever.”‘ She explains that she is considering staging an intervention to get Scott into rehab, yet again!


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Last episode, we saw Kourtney discover her partner of nine years and father to her three children has been pictured with another woman on holiday in France. It was clear that their relationship was finally over for good.  Kourtney says, ‘I wanna be mad but I just worry about Scott’s safety. He definitely has a problem that he has to deal with.’

The moment marks a turning point for Kourtney, who has put up with Scott’s parting and battle with drink and drugs for years. As Kim concludes, ‘Kourtney now sees a lot of things that she wasn’t aware of before. I think she’s done everything she can to help Scott.’

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on E! Channel this Sunday at 9pm