Is the reality star trying to hide something here?


After months of keeping a low profile, Kylie Jenner has emerged back into the public eye in a new photoshoot – and fans think it might FINALLY prove that she’s pregnant.

The TV star has joined her sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian as well as Kendall Jenner for a revealing Calvin Klein campaign which sees them modelling underwear and clothing.


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However, Kylie appears to be covering up a little more than her siblings in the pictures and observers think it could be a sign that she’s hiding something…

In one picture the 20-year-old has a blanket wrapped around her middle whilst her sisters bare plenty of flesh in CK undies as they all lay on the throw together.

And in another shot Kylie again cuddles up in the prop and wears a baggy denim shirt, despite Kim, Kendall and Khloe all wearing much more revealing outfits.

Other photos show the reality star – who has been at the centre of rumours that she could be expecting her first child since September – holding the blanket against her stomach whilst standing up.

This has all led fans to speculate that the photoshoot strongly suggests that Kylie IS pregnant.

‘Kylie’s the only one not showing her stomach 🧐 she’s definitely pregnant,’ one Instagram user commented, whilst another wrote: ‘Kylie is definitely pregnant because she NEVER covers her stomach’

And one agreed: ‘You can so tell that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, all those new Calvin Klein photos just confirm it’

Meanwhile others are getting annoyed about being kept in suspense.

‘The fact that Kylie Jenner is hiding her stomach in all the Calvin Klein ads is so stupid,’ one Twitter user posted. ‘she’s irritating me now.. like just inform us & stop playing games’

However, others have pointed out that the photoshoot is likely to have taken place quite a while ago, given that Khloe – who confirmed her pregnancy last month – doesn’t appear to have a bump and Kim has since changed her hair.

‘y’all these pics r old af!! a. kim still has BLACK hair here (she has silver now) b. khloe doesn’t have a baby bump, even tho she is confirmed pregnant,’ one fan wrote.

So with STILL no word from Kylie, the baby mystery looks set to continue…