The Voice star doesn't dream of a wedding

Kylie Minogue isn’t that bothered about getting married.

The singer, who split from boyfriend Andrés Velencoso last year, admits she doesn’t really like being tied down.

I hate being boxed in,’ says Kylie, 45.

In tight clothes, tight relationships. I need to feel free in my mind.

Not to go anywhere, because I’m a serial monogamist, but put a little box around me and I’ll be like a wild horse.

It’s a mind-set, a Gemini thing – you need to know you can bust out and do different things.’

Kylie has never had her heart set on getting hitched, though she does like being in a relationship.

I’m a romantic and I love it, and when it happens I can definitely fall hard,’ the former Voice star tells Sunday Times Style.

You’re in a spin arranging everything else so you can see that person. But it’s not so much the picture frame with the perfect couple.

I don’t know if someone is gonna change all that, and I’ll be walking down the aisle one day, but I’ve never really seen it.

I’m totally fluid. For me, love is the people I work with, it’s my family.’

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