Lauren Goodger claims her own weight loss has been achieved 'the healthy way'

Lauren Goodger made her fans worry for her health when she tweeted her brother with the phrase ‘team anorexic’ – but she has assured us in her latest New! column that there is nothing to worry about.

‘We’ve got a private joke about me being able to slip under the door soon because I’ll be that slim,’ the Celebrity Big Brother and ex-TOWIE star explained. The full tweet read: ‘Don’t dare can’t take it. Why people feel need to prove anything..Yeh team anorexic.’

But now she has learnt the error of her ways: ‘I know I need to think before I joke about things on social media in case people think I’m serious,’ adding that she never meant to offend anyone.


Lauren, formerly a size 14, claims that her own weight loss to a svelte size 10 has been achieved ‘the healthy way’ – and we think she is looking great in her latest Instagram snaps. Speaking to Now magazine last May, she told us that she owes her new figure to a combination of clean eating and gym sessions: ‘I take one hour out of the day to do my training and it makes me feel great.’

Keep up the good work, Lauren – just think before you tweet next time!

Francesca Specter