Welcome inside Lauren's World!

Now’s resident columnist Lauren Goodger is back and this week she’s dishing the dirt on her svelte bod and what’s really going on between her and ex boyfriend Joey Morrison!

My workout diary

“I’ve been training hard in the gym this week with my amazing PT @glam_physiques (Keely Monk). I love the gym we train at – it’s girls only and all the equipment is pretty in pink! I go three times a week for about an hour a time.

“I usually start off on the treadmill 
to warm up, an uphill walk on the maximum incline for 10 minutes.”


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“I love a squat! They’re amazing for the all-important bum and I do a lot of them on the TRX suspension system.

“Then I do squat thrusts with 5kg dumbbells, 12 reps, three times. For my arms, a really good exercise is triceps dips and I use an 8kg dumbbell behind my head and repeat 12 times for three rounds.

“Then for the abs, and to bring my heart rate down, I do the plank for 40-60 secs and repeat. Then it’s curtsey lunges (backwards) with no weight, 12 each side and repeat. I always finish with five mins of stretching.”

My editing shame

“So, everyone went a bit crazy because I admitted to editing a pic. OMG, please! Like I’ve said sooo many times before, everyone does it! I just seem to get called out for it more than anyone else!

“I don’t edit all of my pics and when I do it’s just little tweaks 
or enhancements, nothing drastic.

“In my column next week I’ll 
show you the kind of edit I do next 
to the original image and then you can see exactly what we are talking about. The only thing you can’t edit 
is videos, so I like to post them, but you’ll still get some smart arse commenting that those videos 
have been edited, LOL.”

What’s going on with Joey?

“Joey and I are still in touch, which 
I have never denied. For now, he is focused on coming out and, after such a long time, I want to protect him so I’m not discussing him 
or our situation.

People have to respect that. The number plate thing seems like a big deal but it’s honestly not. [Lauren was recently seen driving her car with a JOEY number plate on it.]

They were ordered ages ago and not being used so 
I decided to put them on my new car to save him being fined for 
not using them, and – let’s be 
honest – it’s a wicked plate!”

Leave Kylie alone!

“Kylie Jenner got ‘mum shamed’ last week for going to Coachella for the weekend without two-month-old Stormi.

Of course she is allowed some free time now and then! Babies don’t have to mean you never go out again; she’s a young girl who is still allowed to have fun.

I really hate the way women judge other women – we should support each other!”