In her latest 'Lenny' email newsletter, Girls star Lena Dunham shares pictures of her halloween costumes - and their associated disaster stories - over the years, and they've us LOLing all afternoon!

If you’ve ever found yourself getting mega-stressed over creating the perfect halloween costume, only for your brilliant idea to fall way short and end up making you feel like a bit of a wally as you enter the party, then you’re not alone – Lena Dunham feels your pain.

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In the latest of her weekly ‘Lenny’ email newsletters, the Girls star delves into her family photo album to share her biggest halloween disasters – and they’ve had the Now team LOL’ing all afternoon!

In the email, Lena writes: ‘I have spent 29 years failing at Halloween. I have never been cooed at, kissed, or celebrated for my wit and style on Halloween. In fact, each Halloween has been more demoralising than the last.’

She continues: ‘My lack of Halloween success started early. When I was four, I told my parents I wanted to be a mermaid-fairy for the Washington Market Park Halloween Parade.’

The picture of said costume is actually kinda sweet – especially as she reveals her dad hand-sewed her ‘mer-tail’ himself!

But Lena laments: ‘The fact that the tail emerged from my butt rather than wrapping around my legs left a lot of people confused. That, coupled with the ratty wig, made me look like this homeless rave person who once wandered into our elevator in the ’80s demanding juice.’

Another shot shows six-year-old Lena as Medusa, sporting green hair and fake snakes glued to her black leotard.

Whilst we’re loving the DIY nature of her look, it didn’t prove massively practical, with Lena sharing: ‘As they [the snakes] started to fall off, so did my spirit. I lost my snakes all along lower Broadway, and with them a little piece of myself.’



Things don’t get any better for teenage Lena, as another (this time store-bought) mermaid costume failed to bring her any luck in the love department.

‘I was pretty sure this look would lead to the loss of my virginity, but mermaids don’t have vaginas, and painting my face blue was perhaps a bridge too far,’ she writes.

But perhaps Lena’s biggest halloween #fail came the year when she donned a bald wig and fake beard to dress as American comedian Louis C.K., the result of which is terrifying – but for all the wrong reasons!

Oh Lena.