After a summer of comfort eating, Leona's lost weight and looks hotter than ever


Flashing her washboard stomach as she left the X Factor studios last Sunday, it’s no wonder Leona Lewis had a big smile on her face.

The east London-born singer has dropped a dress size and is now a healthy size 12 after getting in shape for the launch of new album Echo.

Leona certainly didn’t have her super-taut tummy at 95.8 Capital FM’s Summertime Ball back in June.

Lonely Leona, 24, gained a stone over the summer while locked away recording her album in LA.

Missing her friends and family, the 5ft 7in star comfort ate her way from 9st 7lb and a size 12 to 10st 7lb and a size 14.

A source close to Leona tells: ‘In LA she used to binge on curry, macaroni cheese and her favourite Thai takeaway, all delivered to the studio. American portions are so big it’s hard not to put on weight and Leona loves every kind of food that’s bad for you.

‘The label bosses weren’t happy with her weight gain and told her to shape up for her album launch.’

Understandably, Leona was gutted about their comments, but our source says it was the turning point she needed.

‘She was very upset and it was hard for her to hear, but it was a conversation that needed to happen. Since then, she’s been really motivated to get her body back on track.’

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