It's all over between Leo and Bar Rafaeli

Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Bar Rafaeli have split up.

The couple, who dated for six months, have called it a day because Bar, 22, got sick of 32-year-old Leo’s party lifestyle and hectic film schedule.

‘Bar is a professional model so she has to be healthy and look great every day, so there was no way she could keep up with that kind of decadent lifestyle,’ a friend told the News Of The World.

‘When they were apart she worried about what he was up to, and in the end decided it would be easier and less painful just to say enough is enough.’

A source close to the actor added: ‘Leo was gutted when Bar told him it was over because they hardly see each other these days. But he’s at the top of his game at the moment and there’s no danger of him changing his ways anytime soon.’