Singer is a huge fan of the cartoon character

Liam Gallagher has commissioned an artist to create a huge SpongeBob SquarePants painting for his living room.

The Oasis frontman, 35, is so obsessed with the children’s cartoon that he wants an Andy Warhol-style portrait of the main character.

‘SpongeBob is a f*****g mental, full-of-beans, enthusiastic sponge that lives on the bottom of the sea in Bikini Bottom,’ he tells Q magazine. ‘He’s mad for it.

‘I’m having a huge painting done at the minute, a proper Andy Warhol-style portrait of SpongeBob. He’ll be facing Elvis and Hendrix.’

Liam, who has three children, attended the premiere of the SpongeBob SquarePants movie in 2005. 

Holly Arnold