David Beckham gets all wistful about how his eldest son is growing up fast - sob!

David Beckham certainly knows how to pull at the ol’ heart strings when he’s talking about his kids and his latest Instagram post is absolute proof of this.

The doting dad-of-four posed for a loving photo with his eldest son Brooklyn, 16, earlier today where he’s seen planting a kiss on the teenager’s forehead – cute!

And then just when we thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, David added a gushing caption in which he spoke of how proud he is of his growing boy.

‘Something tells me I love this not so little man so much ……,’ the 40-year-old former footballer wrote.

‘Growing up fast into a perfect gentleman and hiking buddy…. I love you big boy ❤️’

Awww David, we’re welling up a bit now! Brooklyn gives a natural smile in the picture as David puts his arm around him and looks to be bursting with love for his son.

The heart-warming post has already racked up over half a million likes (wow!) and David’s followers were quick to comment on how utterly adorable it is.

‘he is sooooo cute about his kids. Kills me. Love them all,’ one fan admitted.

Another wrote: ‘too much to handle’ And one admirer even commented: ‘Cutest picture alive’

Er, we might just agree with you on that one actually!

Whilst many 16-year-olds might be a wee bit embarrassed about their dad sharing such an emotional statement and photo, Brooklyn didn’t seem to mind at all and also posted the same picture.

‘Like father like son @davidbeckham,’ the youngster added. We’re struggling to find any more words to explain just how cute we’re finding all of this…

It’s not the first time that David Beckham has made us melt when he’s posted things about his kids. The sportsman – who also has Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10, and Harper, 4, with wife Victoria – regularly shares his love for his family on Instagram.

Just last month he helped Harper to celebrate her birthday in an adorable fashion by joining her and her dolls for a little shindig. Oh, and they all wore party hats too. TOO. CUTE.

He also took Romeo to Wimbledon and joined the whole clan for a spot of punting in Cambridge over the summer.

Brooklyn might be the perfect gent, David, but you’re deffo the perfect dad!

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