Singer insists she doesn't need a man to be happy


Lily Allen has denied reports she’s trying to get back with her ex-boyfriend.

The singer, 22, was snapped having lunch with Chemical Brothers star Ed Simons last month.

But Lily, who miscarried their baby in January, insists it wasn’t a date.

‘I went for lunch with my ex-boyfriend,’ she says.

‘I’m not some failed baby-making machine desperately trying to win back my man.

‘No one knows anything about my relationships. Ed and I are friends who went for lunch. That’s it.’

Lily, daughter of actor Keith Allen, is currently working on her new album with Mark Ronson.

‘I’m back and in the studio with Mark in the countryside trying to finish off the album,’ she said on her MySpace page.

‘I’m so close now, I just really want to get it done so I can tour again.’