Actress furious over claims Ali Lohan had implants

Lindsay Lohan has called a reporter a paedophile for asking about Ali Lohan‘s rumoured boob job.

The actress was out shopping with friends when a photographer started speculating about her 14-year-old sister’s breasts.

‘My response simply was, “Did you really just ask me that? She is a 14-year-old girl, and you are a paedophile!”’ she wrote on her official blog.

‘It is hard enough being 14 years old and you have enough insecurities to begin with, then add being in the public eye.

‘My mother taught us to appreciate what we have been given. Nor would she ever encourage, or allow a 14-year-old child to alter her body.’

Rumours started circulating about teen star Ali when she was spotted with a fuller-looking figure earlier this week.

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