He calls DJ a 'parasite' who's using his actress daughter

Lindsay Lohan’s dad Michael has stepped up his war of words with Samantha Ronson – claiming she’s holding back her career.

He claims his daughter’s friendship with the DJ is more dangerous than her alcohol problems she battled last year.

‘Lindsay doesn’t drink or use,’ he says. ‘[She] has been responsible with her work, she’s been doing a great job.

‘However, drinking and using isn’t the only form of addiction, and the relationship that Lindsay has with Samantha is toxic.’

Michael denies reports that Lindsay, 22, is  31-year-old Sam’s girlfriend.

‘She dated guys her whole life. It’s a friendship because she’s been hurt by so many guys in the past. Maybe she’s found solace and companionship in a girl,’ he tells The Billy Bush Show.

Samantha recently labelled Michael ‘so desperate for attention that he goes to the media whenever possible’.

‘I am not the reason he has no contact with his daughter, he is,’ she wrote on her MySpace blog.

‘I am, always will and always have been here for her.’