Lisa was hospitalised with the illness in 2010


Lisa Snowdon has admitted that she should have sought help sooner when she started experiencing meningitis symptoms.

The model was hospitalised in November 2010 when she became seriously ill and was diagnosed with viral meningitis after an MRI and CAT scan showed swelling around her brain and spinal cord.

But Lisa, who had experienced symptoms including severe headaches, loss of appetite and weakness, knows she put her health at risk by not getting checked out sooner.

‘The doctor couldn’t believe I had kept going for so long,’ says Lisa, 41.

‘The specialists don’t really know why I got it but I was foolish and should have sought help sooner.

‘Viral meningitis can be dangerous if it’s not treated and I could have died. My liver was on its last legs and I had some jaundice too.’

Lisa, who is now an ambassador for the Meningitis Trust, endured the symptoms for several weeks before her diagnosis and it was only when she felt severely ill one night that she decided to go to hospital.

‘I was howling with pain, I couldn’t sleep, my bed sheets were soaked and I could barely open my eyes,’ the Capital FM presenter tells the Daily Mirror.

‘Feeling frightened, the next day I went to the Cromwell Hospital in Kensington, West London. I was diagnosed with viral meningitis.

‘I was off work for almost two months. Luckily, I’ve made a full recovery.

‘My illness showed me that health problems can strike at any time. I can’t preach to people about health any more!’

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