TV presenter reveals torment of bizarre claim

Lorraine Kelly admits she felt physically sick when a bizarre accusation was once made against her by a female TV contestant.

The woman, who was taking part in a show called Vote For Me, claimed Lorraine groped her breasts.

‘I remember I was so distraught that I threw up,’ Lorraine explains in her autobiography Lorraine: Between You And Me.

The 49-year-old Scot sought legal advice and wasn’t comforted at all.

‘The lawyer said, you’ll be finished if this case ever does go to court because even if you win people will always associate you with this story, she recalls.’

There was no evidence to support the claim but the shock had a big effect on Lorraine, who’s a born worrier.

‘In the end it was all OK,’ she says. ‘But it made me realise just how vulnerable you are doing a job like mine.’

Holly Arnold