Is it all getting a little too much for Louis Tomlinson's ex as he grows closer to pregnant Briana Jungwirth?

It’s never easy when an ex moves on, is it?

Let alone when your ex is Louis Tomlinson who happens to have impregnated another woman within months of leaving you.


The former One Direction stars girlfriend of four years, Eleanor Calder, who he split from in March, has been silently Snapchatting her apparent sadness this week.

The London based fashion blogger uploaded an upsetting selfie, with the caption: ‘So tired/headache/life ache’ in a jumper fans were quick to point out she last wore while out with Louis.

Many of Eleanor’s 3.5 million Twitter followers were quick to then send their well wishes following the unexpected upload.

Although it’s unknown what’s got Eleanor feeling down, the rumours Louis is now set to give it a proper go with Briana can’t come easy to her.

Despite Bri’s aunt revealing: ‘I doubt she’ll move [to England],’ the mum-to-be was recently spotted bonding with Louis mother Johannah and sister Fizz at a series of One Direction concerts in London.

And Liam Payne recently revealing Louis is now ‘taken’ really makes us believe the impending parents could officially be an item now?

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