It’s been a dramatic week for the 23 year old stylist after it’s revealed she’s expecting the first One Direction baby

Briana Jungwirth – the girl who’s expecting Louis Tomlinson’s baby – is ‘stressed’ from the global attention surrounding her pregnancy, according to her dad.

Construction boss Joe Jungwirth from South Dakota said his 23 year old daughter has been sending him text messages constantly since the news broke that she was expecting the One Direction star’s baby.

‘The publicity and everything, it can be overwhelming. Briana’s really shy, she’s strong but shy, she’s tough but shy and she’s having a tough time with it, it’s stressing her out right now, she’s texting me all the time,’ Joe said.

It looks like Briana has had to close down her Twitter account following the mass attention from One Direction fans.

Joe added that Briana wasn’t at ease with the media furor surrounding the news. ‘Now that she’s out of her mother’s house she’s a little bit better but she really doesn’t like any of this stuff.’

Joe, who found out his stylist daughter’s news two weeks ago, also told the MailOnline that the pregnancy ‘wasn’t planned’. ‘It’s the first kid in our family, this will be the first grandkid. Yeah we’re excited about it, Briana is doing great I guess.It’s a bit of a shock, you know, they’re kids, stuff happens, but I’m supporting her… I love her to death and it’s all good,’ he explained.

While Louis, 23, is said to be ‘very happy and excited’, Briana’s stepmum fears that having the first 1D baby will ‘ruin her life.’  She said: ‘I just hope all this doesn’t ruin her life, I care about that, we are at the beginning of something and she’s a private person, she’s not a Facebook person or anything like that. This is really scary for someone in her condition, especially when she’s only 23, I think it’s pretty overwhelming.’

Meanwhile, X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, 32, said she’s there to offer Louis advice if Briana gives birth to a girl. ‘If Louis has a girl I’ll have lots of advice. If it’s a boy though, then I don’t know.’

Briana, who was spotted out and about with Louis in May this year, is believed to be around three months pregnant with that One Direction star’s child.

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