Week 2, and it's all flipping kicking off in the Love Island villa!


Love Island is in full swing, bringing with it bags of suncream, drama and memes.

And, in the name of a lil’ villa shakeup, this weekend saw the arrival of two brand spankin’ new ‘gals- Tyne-Lexy and Gabby.

And, as the dynamics of the villa began to switch up, the original Islanders suffered a bout of Love Island dramz- with Amber Davies managing to cause a bit of beef between the boys.


So, this is the sitch- Amber, who is currently coupled up with Kem Cetinay (who appears to be catching all the feels), had a conversation with new arrival Chris Hughes after he had survived the recoupling- having coupled up with Chloe. 

During this convo, Amber congratulated Chris on ‘grafting’, to which he replied he had been ‘about’ in the Villa- which we’re presuming meant he’d been grafting/sticking it on Chloe/any other Love Island terminology for flirting.

However, when Amber retold the story to Kem she had alluded to Chris telling her that he would be available for her had she wanted to ditch him and go for another ‘fella.

Que a whole load of drama, with Chris calling Amber out for stirring his words to get a reaction out of Kem. Oh, and the most iconic eye roll in all of history- curtesy of Amber…

As the drama unfolded, many people had taken to social media to share their thoughts on the situation- with many arguing that Amber had managed to unnecessarily stir up some drama amongst the boys.

Georgia Kousoulou of TOWIE writes, ‘KEM PLEASE GET WITH ANOTHER GIRL !!!!!!! Amber needs putting down a peg or 2! She thinks she has all the power !!!! #LoveIsland’. 

Olivia Buckland of last years Love Island shares, ‘I am just so disappointed in Amber. She’s gone loopy already! Kem better be careful!!! #loveisland‘.

Amber Dowding of TOWIE has also shared her thoughts on the situation, writing: ‘I just can’t like this amber girl .. what is her problem #loveisland’.

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Alice Perry