A.K.A: The worst news EVER.


First, there was Brangelina. Then, there was Chiam. And now? Why… Jomilla, of course.

Yup, we’re (of course) referring to Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow– who have been giving us all the romance feels since, er, the last recoupling.


Yep, all the feelz.

And, whilst we were pretty darn happy to see Jomilla back on track following their slight relationship blip (in which Jonny overheard Camilla criticising him in a fairly awkward Islander mishap), it would appear that all our hopes and dreams *could* be about to come crashing down amongst us…. again. 

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Yup- in a sneak preview for tonights episode, the Islander’s appear to have suffered another shake up, as Jonny and Camilla have become the subject of a lil’ Islander criticism.

In the clip, Islanders Dom, Olivia and Chris can be seen speculating that the couple are ‘just here for the game’ as the have ‘no interaction’ with each other within the villa. Er, hold on a sec!

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And, if this wasn’t bad enough, the clip then showed a challenge set for the Islander’s to decide who they felt was the least compatible- and it doesn’t look like it’s good news for Jomilla.

The worst part? The couple ranked least compatible by the Islander’s is going to be dumped from the island. OUR POOR HEARTS WHYYYYY!

Fans have been quick to share their concerns for Jomilla, with replies to the Tweet reading messages such as ‘I think #LoveIsland will lose a lot of viewers if Camilla & Johnny get kicked out. It should be Olivia & Chris, they only love themselves’.

Another user shares, ‘Hope they vote for Kem and Amber, as they’ve broke up. Be really harsh if Jonny and Camilla go’.

It’s fair to say we’re going to be glued to our ol’ box tonight. It better be good news for our Jomilla!

Alice Perry