She and Alex Bowen are keen to be a part of the show

Since the news that a TV show special to cure our post-Love Island blues is on the way, everyone’s been clamouring to find out any extra morsel of information.

So when Now caught up with Olivia Buckland on Wednesday evening, we were excited to get the goss straight from her – and good news, guys…she’s just as excited as we are!

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A newly long-haired Olivia spoke to us at the VIP launch of London’s Tropicana Beach Club, but was surprisingly without beau Alex Bowen, who was elsewhere at a public appearance. Yet despite their individually demanding schedules, everything’s going swimmingly for the loved up pair.

‘Things are amazing, we get on so well because he’s basically the boy version of me,’ the 22-year-old revealed.

‘It’s weird because I’ve never ever had that connection with anyone, or been this close to anyone before. I’ve always been quite insecure so I’ve never been myself with a guy – I can be myself with him completely. He allows me to be me.’

Awww! [Instagram]

Awww! [Instagram]

Super cute! And Olivia confirmed that we’ll definitely be seeing this cuteness in the upcoming Love Island special – but they’re yet to be properly told about the show themselves!

‘We will be, if it happens! I heard on the grapevine that they were thinking of doing something beforehand, but I didn’t know it was confirmed. I’ve just seen the press and I’ve thought ‘what’s going on?’ But obviously if it goes ahead, Alex and I will 100% be doing it.’

Fantastic news – after all, they may not have won, but many would count Olivia and Alex as their favourite couple; and Olivia agreed, joking:

‘We’re gonna have to do the show, or no-one would watch!’

But there may be some exciting TV prospects for them coming up outside of the spin-off – a reality show of their own! ‘I really wanna do one, and we’re trying to get it sorted. We’d love everyone to get a chance to see what we’re like at home, and what we’re really like, so keep your fingers crossed!’

Our fingers and toes are positively interlocked, Liv!

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