The mother of the first Love Island baby has shocked fans with post-pregnancy bod

With pregnancy being such a life-changing experience, it’s understandable that all who go through it take their time getting their bodies back to the way it was before – they just housed a human, for goodness’ sake!

However, Love Island star Cally Jane Beech has wasted no time in getting her body back – and a new picture posted to her Instagram account proves it, and has caused QUITE the stir for her fans.

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Cally and boyfriend Luis Morrison, who met in the 2015 series of the show, welcomed their daughter Vienna last month (7th May 2017).

As you can imagine, both parents have been swooning over their little one ever since she arrived – but even mum and dad needs a break every now and then! So Cally took to the town on the weekend, and posted a picture to commemorate the night.

LN ✨

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‘LN’, she wrote in the picture posted on Sunday (11th June), meaning ‘Last night’ – and the picture shows her in a slim-fitting black sheer dress with high-waisted pants and a lacy bra visible underneath.

She looks completely smokin’ – and her fans were keen to tell her so!

‘One very yummy mummy’, remarked one fan, while another pointed out what we were all thinking: ‘I cannot believe you have just had a baby and have such an amazing figure straight afterwards!’

‘Looking beautiful,’ another follower told her – and even Luis had to give praise; posting a picture of them both from the same evening, he wrote: ‘Imagine looking like this 4 weeks after your traumatic pregnancy! Absolute milf’.

Imagine looking like this 4 weeks after your traumatic pregnancy! Absolute milf 😂❤️

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However, one fan chimed in to criticise new mum Cally going out, telling her she ‘should be at home with the baby and not out looking like that…’ Oh dear.

Cally defended herself, though, hitting back at the commenter with: ‘calm the f*ck down bbe seriously bore off. U don’t need to change a thing about yourself just because u have become a mother and u certainly don’t need to stop living your life. Il stick to my life sweetheart n u stick to your own.’

Well said! To each her own – we think both Cally and Luis deserve their time to unwind!