Jonathan Clark and Hannah Elizabeth reveal their wedding plans - and are talking babies already!


They might only have known each other for six weeks before getting engaged, but Love Island‘s Jonathan Clark and Hannah Elizabeth are adamant their relationship is the real deal.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the pair, who both live in Essex, revealed that they’re planning a long engagement, and that no expense will be spared on the wedding.

Hannah, who’s had two breast enhancements, lip injections and Botox, says she ‘loves being fake’ and plans to get more surgery, as well as wanting ‘ten layers of extensions’ in her hair and a custom-made wedding dress for their nuptials, which they’re planning for 2017.

But one person who won’t be there to see them tie the knot is fellow Love Island contestant Naomi Ball, who Hannah describes as ‘a little snake’, and says: ‘I wouldn’t want [her] there. She was trying to move in on my man!’

She isn’t the only one in the couple to feel pangs of jealousy. Jon admits that he ‘felt nervous’ about talking to her at first, was worried about the attention she got from other men, and thought she was ‘out of my league’.

The couple insist they both trust each other fully, though – and are even thinking about babies!

‘Going by the task, I know we’d be great parents,’ says Jon, referring to the challenge they took part in on Love Island where they had to take care of a robot baby – which is, obviously, just like the real thing…

Hannah agrees, saying she’d love a ‘mini Essex boy’ with Jon. But before they extend their family, they’re planning to enjoy each other’s company and indulge in some more adult pursuits – including a trip to the Playboy Mansion!

Hannah, who works as a glamour model and Playboy bunny, says she’s whisking her fiance off to Hugh Hefner’s mansion for Halloween – but that Jon needn’t worry about her succumbing to his charms, because she ‘isn’t into older men’. Er, phew?

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