The hottest couple on the reality TV show Love Island's love story


It has been a no-brainer from the start that the hottest Love Island couple Jon Clark, 25, and Hannah Elizabeth, 25, have been our firm favourites.

The dreamboat couple have had a far from straight path but it’s their bumpy journey that has kept us glued to the TV screens.

This may cause alarm bells for most new couples but in that pressured game show atmosphere, we can’t help but think that their romance could be genuine. We hope so anyway!

This Love Island love story has everything you could ever dream of from fallouts, hideouts to green face paint.

We can’t start this love story without understanding the beginning.  Jon first chose Hannah way back on the very first episode. If you remember that.

Although it seems so long ago since this first day the couple have remained strong and quickly became the firm favourites to win.

Jon and Hannah had the date of a lifetime, champagne, flowers, the beach and a boat in the background. If that wasn’t a setting to fall in love then I don’t know what is.

But the best moment for us… Despite a local talking about Hannah’s boobs. Jon and Hannah’s shopping trip looked like it came right out of a romantic novel.

It provided an opportunity for them to put their communication skills to the test, with them buying lots of booze for the house. Also lets take a moment to remember the tandem bike…

Okay that or the moment Jon asks Hannah to be his girlfriend in the hideaway.

Although she seemed reluctant at first, any doubt she had seemed to disappear and she said yes! Jon announces it to the group telling them that they are official ‘boyfriend and girlfriend official.’

Don’t be fooled though… It has been a rocky path for the pair. Especially when Hannah catches self-confessed ‘player’ Naomi Ball playing with Jon’s hair when she’s not around.

YIKES! This wasn’t pretty. Hannah kicked off big time! The pair’s behaviour was suspicious as they both pulled apart when Hannah came into the picture, which left Hannah threatening to leave the show.

What about the time Hannah confronts Jon about him speaking over her all the time. That was so awkward. They almost split but then they got back on track. That was a close call!

Hannah and Jon’s relationship seems to have taken the next step when they met the parents. This is probably one of the cutest moments from the whole series.

Imagine meeting your potential future in-laws on TV… Mental. As if Hannah’s mum describes Jon as ‘bloody gorgeous.’ Watch out Hannah you might have some competition.

We have our fingers crossed for the power couple to win and if not we hope to see them on the outside happier than ever.

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Lily Anderson