We're about to take you on one hell of a throwback...


They may all be glamorous, reality stars now, but flash back just a few short weeks ago and most of the Love Island contestants were just normal people with normal jobs like the rest of us.

Well, if normal is dating footballers, hanging out with the cast of TOWIE and working in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (we still don’t know what that is).

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Anyway, while things are heating up in the villa and resident ladies man Chris Hughes is causing all kinds of drama with just about EVERYONE – we decided to step away from the chaos and take a look at what our ITV2 lads and lasses were up to before the show.

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And rummaging through the Islanders’ jam-packed social media accounts, it turns out while some of the stars haven’t changed a bit, some look NOTHING like their current bikini-clad-selves.

We’re talking new hair, new clothes and what looks like new faces for some… Heck, we didn’t recognise most of them without their sunnies on!

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We already treated you to villa heartthrob, Dom Lever looking like a cross between Pete Wicks and a lion, so now it’s time to find out more about the rest of the Love Island gang before they shot to fame on the hit ITV2 show. Enjoy!