Did somebody say 'dark horse of the competition'?!


As Love Islanders come and go, it’s often said that the bigger the personality the better the reaction back in Blighty. Right? Right.

However, fans have seemed to really take a shine to one particular member of the crew this year- and it’s the lovely, and pretty darn classy, Camilla!

Whilst the first few days in the villa have been pretty much all about the Dom, Montana and Jess love triangle (side note: imagine if real life worked as quickly as Love Island life… we’d be exhausted), fans of the show have took a shine in Camilla- who has kept herself a lil’ more under the radar.

However, during last nights episode, the 27-year-old- who reportedly had a ‘fling with Prince Harry- gave viewers a closer insight into her life, sharing about her job in which she ‘goes to areas where there have been conflicts’ and handles the ‘remnants of war’ which are possibly harmful.

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Fans have been very quick to pipe up over their thoughts on Camilla, who is currently coupled up with Islander lad Sam- with many complimenting the lady for her v. classy ways…

One user writes,’Love how the lads in love island respect Camilla’s respect for herself, what a true woman’.

Another shares, ‘Just me that has mad respect for camilla idk’.

Another writes: ‘Loving how respectful the guys are about camilla instead of calling her a prude or frigid or whatever, pure class that girl’. 

It’s been a pretty big first three days in the house- with a fair share of bed hopping already under head.

The main switch up has been between Montana, Dom and Jessica- with many viewers calling Montana out for how she’s dealt with the early Love Island drama… Yup, you can read about that one over *here*.

What do you mean, Love Island obsessed? Us?! Psssssh, no way. (*ahem*).

Alice Perry