The Love Island star has had a laughing buddha tattoo on her thigh - check it out...

Life post-Love Island has been totally dreamy for Cara De La Hoyde.

Her and boyfriend Nathan Massey are still going strong, the jobs are rolling in, and the pair even landed a cameo on TOWIE.

[GIF] Love Island Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde

But now Cara has gone and got a new tattoo to make sure she never forgets the good times…check it out.

In case you are wondering, it’s on her thigh.


But what does it mean?

Well, according to the wonders of the internet The Laughing Buddha is the Buddha of abundance and happiness.

And guess what, if you rub his stomach daily some believe he will see to it that your wishes are granted.

Sounds like you’re going to get a sore thigh there, Cara.

Fans have been quick off the mark to comment on Cara’s new ink with one follower saying: ‘It’s Nathan 😂😂😂…’


One fan though, was NOT happy with Cara’s choice of artwork…

‘The quality is amazing, I don’t doubt that at all! However, it is incredibly culturally inappropriate to have a Buddha tattooed, in any shape or form. In Buddhist faith it is seen as incredibly insulting to have the Buddha used for anything other than praying. Even then a house should only have one and it should be sat above eye level out of great respect. No ornaments of him and certainly no tattoos. You wouldn’t get a Jesus face tattooed for the fun of it, so why a Buddha? A Buddhist wouldn’t have him tattooed, so why should anyone from any other/ no faith have him tattooed? Obviously there is nothing that can be done now, but everyone looking to get one done, please take this into consideration. Especially if you’re looking to visit Asian countries have it covered up 😞 #Buddhism #Buddhist.’

Oh dear.

From what we can tell this is Cara’s first tattoo, unless she has some ink we don’t know about hidden in some secret places.

Does she, Nath?


Her and Nathan have gone from strength to strength in the weeks since they won the show.

The pair have just moved in together in Essex and while Nathan’s farting and burping is driving Cara a little nuts the pair are super loved up.

‘We both know [our relationship] is heading in [the direction of marriage] and we’ll be together forever.’