Former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh contributes to the body shaming debate in a moving way

Michelle Keegan aired her thoughts on the body shaming phenomenon earlier this week and now Lucy Mecklenburgh has issued an emotional response to the debate.

Former TOWIE star Lucy, 23, posted a moving statement about her body on Instagram today along with a naked photo of herself taken from her photoshoot for Women’s Health UK, sending out a clear message that she’s comfortable in her own skin.

The reality star shared her thoughts on the controversies surrounding body shaming and tried to offer some statistics to help rather than taking sides.

‘It’s been a massive year in the debate on Body Shaming, notably almost all of it happening about women, by women,’ Lucy wrote.

‘I think it’s an important debate, which unfortunately often gets dragged into slanging matches “for or against” really quickly.

‘If we just stay with the statistics for a moment. It is without any doubt that people (that’s men and women) are “healthier” when their body fat percentage is within a certain range (and before you start. Yes there are exceptions to every rule, healthy “overweight” people do exist, as do unhealthy “skinny’s”) but the stats remain.’

Lucy – who is dating Olympic gymnast Louis Smith – then gave an emotive statement about the idea that certain people can be made to feel bad about their bodies.

‘Nobody should ever be shamed for where they are today,’ the Essex girl said. ‘We are all on our own journey.

‘But if the stats “prove”, that by losing some fat, eating whole real foods and drinking non sugary drinks, and working out, we are more likely to: live longer, happier, healthier lives, have more energy, better skin and a whole host of benefits every single day of our lives, then surely that’s got to be the preferred option.

‘Rather than increased risk of serious diseases such as : diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer etc.’

Fit Lucy has become known for her impressively toned figure and even has her own online personal training company, Results With Lucy. She’s clearly happy with her shape (who can blame her?) and is keen to stress that she doesn’t deny herself in order to get her bod.

‘I’m super proud of my body, it’s not achieved by not eating (as some like to accuse) I eat really well every day,’ the TV star wrote.

‘It’s achieved by hard graft, working out for a tiny percentage of the day 3-5 times a week.

‘I am now totally aware of the concept of nourishing my body in order to be able to live the life that I choose, and having learned this little gem of priceless information, I’m going to shout about it and try to convince as many girls as possible that it’s just as available to them as it is to me.

‘You’ve just got to want it!!!! Shoot in this months #WomensHealthUK #bodyconfidence #healthybody #healthymind #happy #Motivation #fitness #NoPhotoshop #noairbrushing #natural #ResultswithLucy #RealFood #RealSweat #RealResults’

Go, Lucy! In the midst of the heated body shaming debate we think the brunette star’s strong statement makes for pretty inspiring reading and her followers feel the same.

‘Couldn’t have put it in a better way,’ one fan commented on the post, whilst another wrote: ‘You look amazing @lucymeck1 be proud! x’

It comes after Lucy opened up to Women’s Health about her figure and revealed that it was her schedule on TOWIE that first encouraged her to work on her fitness.

‘TOWIE didn’t just bring me fame, it made be bigger than I’d ever been before,’ she admitted.

‘I was drinking every night, living off pasta – I’d never worried about exercise or ‘no carbs before Marbs’, but suddenly I couldn’t fit into my jeans.

‘So two years ago I started working with a PT, Celia Harris. I slimmed down quickly and I’d wake up happier, more motivated – I wanted to get to the gym to push my body.’

The full interview appears in the September Naked Issue of Women’s Health, on sale Thursday 30 July. Also available in digital edition on Apple Newsstand’

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