Back on again?

Lydia Bright promised the world that she was done with James ‘Arg’ Argent as their rocky relationship came crashing down earlier this year.

But that plan may have hit a bit of a speed bump after the Essex gal “accidentally” hooked up with him while the pair filmed in Marbella.

Despite giving him a massive dressing down in the last series of TOWIE, she seems to have succumb to Arg’s chat once again. Though if you’re hoping for a happy reunion, then you better look elsewhere…

A source told The Sun: ‘Lydia can’t believe she fell for Arg’s charms once again. She puts it down to having a weak moment and deeply regrets leading him on.

Probably a bit happier than this... [REX/Shutterstock] Lydia Bright

Probably a bit happier than this… [REX/Shutterstock]

‘Arg was beaming afterwards, telling close pals it was a sure sign he was back in Lydia’s good books. But that’s certainly not the case.’


The pair split earlier in the year but Lydia Bright is yet to confirm why. The 26-year-old HAS said that she ‘despises’ Arg during their beach showdown in the last series.

However, reports at the time of the split alleged that it Lydia caught Arg taking cocaine again again, which was why they split.

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Since then Lydia has been linked to rugby player Thom Evans and The Only Way Is Essex star Jon Clarke. Meanwhile, Arg has been trying his best to get back into shape — and even joined boot camp.

This fling could end up clearing the air between the two of them… but when has a fling EVER made things less complicated.