Lynda Bellingham had finally found true love - she now has weeks left to live

Loose Women‘s Lynda Bellingham has talked for the first time about the devastating news she is dying of cancer and expected to only live for a matter of weeks.

Lynda, who shot to fame as the telly Oxo mum for 16 years, was diagnoised with advanced colon cancer 14 months ago and underwent intense treatment.

But she’s now decided to stop chemotherapy in November and enjoy her remaining few weeks with her family. Lynda has already made plans for her funeral – and party after – and is hoping for one last Christmas with her loved ones.

‘I can’t organise the moment of my death,’ she says in her second autobiography There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You which is published next month. ‘I’m not scared of dying. Dying is much worse for the people left behind. If I could have a little moment to say goodbye to them all and the do the old morphine and just go to sleep, that would be fine. I just want to get it over – I’m a very tidy person.’

Lynda is an inspiration to many. She suffered domestic violence during her second marriage to Italian Nunsio Peluso, the father of her two sons Robbie, 26, and Michael, 31, and he broke her nose just six weeks after the wedding. She stayed with him for 16 years before leaving in 1996 at the age of 50 to rebuild her life with her sons. When she spoke out about his abuse in recent years, she inspired many women in similar situations.

The most inspiring part of Lynda‘s story is her finding love again. She met third husband Michael Pattermore, 59, in Spain and married him on her 60th birthday in 2008.

‘I’ve found my soulmate,’ Lynda said at the time. ‘Michael and I think alike. We have the same sense of humour. We find each other attractive. Ours is a relationship between two people who love and respect one another. These are all the things I’ve ever expected from a relationship but never had. To be honest, I still can’t quite believe it.’

Now Lynda has revealed that when she passes away, she’d like Michael to find love again.

‘I don’t want to leave my husband Michael, because I know he is going to be so lonely,’ she writes in her book. ‘I would hope, in a way, that Michael does meet a lovely lady, who could look after him and they could have a loving relationship.’

We’ve met Lynda, 66, many times over the years and she is one of the loveliest women on TV. A brilliant actress, her talent has been forgotten by some after establishing herself on Loose Women. Popular and professional, she toured with Calender Girls, getting naked on stage every night. When we had a coffee and chat, Lynda made us laugh and was a totally ‘tits and teeth, the show must go on’ theatre type.

She is dealing with her cancer diagnosis with grace and dignity. Tweeting this weekend, Lynda said, ‘I have written this book to help everyone who has cancer or a terminal illness. You are not alone. And I am just one of thousands going through this. So love and luck to you all x‘.