Glasgow born action hero has found his feminine side

To get fit for new Hollywood action flick 300, Gerard Butler and his co-stars trained for seven very tough months.

The sexy Scot plays King Leonidas, leader of elite Spartan warriors, so he and the lads had to look pretty sharp.

Testosterone levels went through the roof as the guys lugged big chains about and jogged with tyres around their necks.

‘It’s just you against those weights,’ Gerard, 37, tells The Sunday Times Style Magazine. ‘Every time I was pumping, I was pulling in more energy, more determination, more focus, more power.’

His six-pack looks pretty impressive on screen but not everything about the actor is macho.

Gerard’s into meditation and dotes on his dog.

An Alsation or bouncy labrador, you reckon? Nope, Lolita, a miniature pug.

Anna Taylor