Binky criticised for smoking photo that 'impressionable' fans can see

After a hectic few months filming Made In Chelsea‘s LA episodes, no-one could blame Binky Felstead for wanting to relax.

But her chosen method of winding down – smoking a cigarette in a picturesque field – has angered some of her Instagram followers.

Binky posted the picture on Instagram of her gazing into the distance with a cigarette in her hand, and it didn’t take long for the comments to fill up with criticism.

‘You smoke? Oh dear, un-liking you now,’ wrote one Instagrammer, while another simply put ‘Dirty habit, Binky. Oh dear.’

Other users seemed concerned that she could be glamourising smoking to younger Made In Chelsea viewers. ‘Young girls are impressionable and look up to you Binky, that’s all,’ read one comment. ‘You have a responsibility that comes with the position you’re in and it’s not a good look.’

The health implications of smoking were also raised by another commenter, who wrote: ‘I treat patients all day long who used to smoke, and wish they never had!’

As well as the barrage of criticism, there were also those jumping to defend Binky.

‘Why you all saying she’s not the same gorgeous woman just because she smokes?’ asked another fan. ‘It doesn’t change anything about her looks. It’s her choice just as it is anyone else’s… [If you] don’t like smoking fair enough, but don’t criticise people just because they do. Binky, you’re gorgeous and this is a beautiful picture.’

One user even praised her for being open about her habit, writing: ‘She’s cool whether she smokes or not but the fact that she’s cool with smoking makes her uber cool to me.’

Binky’s not the first Made In Chelsea star to be pictured puffing on a cigarette – Millie Mackintosh, Rosie Fortescue and Spencer Matthews have all been papped smoking in the past.

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