Single, lonely and miserable, she turns to her ex-hubby for comfort

She only divorced him 19 months ago but insiders say Madonna‘s been sending Guy Ritchie late-night texts, despite the fact 
that he’s found new love with model Jacqui Ainsley, 28.

The 51-year-old singer’s imploring 
Guy, 41, to come away for 
a family weekend in August but sources say he’s hesitant.

Madge and Guy talk weekly about the kids,’ an insider tells Now.

‘But since she split with Jesus in February, she’s been calling him more often and texting, too.

‘She’s asked him 
to come away on a family weekend for Rocco‘s birthday in August and is desperately hoping he’ll say yes.’

Although Guy‘s keen to celebrate with his son, sources close to the director say he doesn’t want to get drawn 
back into a web from which he’s only just broken free.

‘It took him ages to get over Madonna,’ adds the insider.

‘He’s enjoying the dating scene and is happy with Jacqui.

‘His kids will always be his priority but he doesn’t feel he has to 
do things with Madonna just to keep the kids happy.’

However, sources close to the singer say that she’s adamant Guy should be there for Rocco.

Madonna keeps saying how important it’ll be to Rocco and that they should put aside their differences for the sake of the kids.

‘She knows Rocco would love both his parents there but it’s not an entirely selfless gesture – she hates being lonely and isn’t used to being single, so she thinks a weekend with 
Guy will bolster her spirits.’

However, Guy‘s trying to back out without upsetting his son or his ex-wife.

‘He texted Madonna to say he’d planned to take Rocco on a fishing weekend, just the two of them.

Madge reckons that’s a good idea but thinks he should do it another time.

Guy‘s desperate for it not 
to turn into a row.

‘He doesn’t want to spend a weekend together as it’ll be too stressful but Madge is a convincing woman and he’s starting to weaken.

‘He knows that if he doesn’t go, he’ll get the blame for ruining Rocco‘s birthday.’

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