You NEED to see these pictures of Mark Wright!

Remember when Mark Wright was on TOWIE and wasn’t married to Michelle Keegan and didn’t look anything like THIS….

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you. Yes, that is Mark Wight. And yes, he does indeed have the muscles of a Greek God.

Ol’ Wrighty has taken to Instagram to share a snap of his bod- having been hitting up the gym lately ahead of his wife’s return to the UK as she finishes up filming in Africa.

The 29-year-old has *also* shared his pretty wise take on the whole ‘what’s better, shower or bath’ debate- writing ‘Gotta love bubbles !! Right get me out now I’m sweating !! Always sweat in a bath so how can it be clean ? Straight to the cold shower I go !!’. Oh Mark, you are a wise old cookie.

He also shared a snap of himself in the bath, which he captioned ‘No better feeling !! Well I can think of one…….’. Yep, we think he’s talking about *that* too….

No better feeling !! Well I can think of one…….😜

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And whilst we’re severely impressed with Mark‘s newly ripped bod, others have had a few stern words for the Essex fella- with many commenting that they felt the pictures were disrespectful to Michelle.

Some users commented messages such as ‘Mark put your body away your married and being disrespectful to your wife!’, ‘Strange selfie to take in shower when you’re a married man’ and ‘Not sure it’s necessary to post pics of you like this’. 

However, others were quick to defend Mark with messages reading ‘Are leave the lad alone.. He’s got a fab body and a gorgeous wife’, ‘Get a grip it’s his chest nothing more’. 

With Michelle returning to the UK in a matter of weeks, we’re sure Mark isn’t too fussed with the reaction he’s received.

If anything, we’re more outraged that it’s reminded us we should probably hit up the gym.

Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr