The couple love a challenge

Mark Wright admits that he can get pretty competitive with his fiancée Michelle Keegan.

When Mark signed up for Strictly Come Dancing in the summer of 2014, there were rumours that Michelle might join him on the show.

The speculation was unfounded but Mark thinks they would have had a tough battle if it had happened.

‘I mentioned that to her the other day – what would happen if we were on it together, would we be competitive?’ says Mark, 27.

‘I was like: “No,” and she was like: “Yes you would!”‘

‘When we play games or swim we are quite competitive, so maybe we would’ve been.’

Even though Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan love to compete, Mark’s glad that they tend to do different projects.

‘We like to do things separately, come home at night after work, be together and talk about normal stuff rather than work,’ he explains.

Mark still likes to go up against other competitors though, even if it’s not his girl.

‘I am a competitive person with things I choose to do, such as football or boxing,’ says the former TOWIE star.

‘[On Strictly Come Dancing I’ve been] competitive against myself because this is a massive challenge for me.’

It’s not the first time Mark Wright – who reached the final of Strictly – has spoken of the way he competes against Michelle Keegan.

Earlier in the year the reality star revealed that he had been trying to outdo his other half at the smartphone game Candy Crush Saga and even started fibbing about his score.

‘I told Michelle that I was on a higher level on Candy Crush Saga than I really am,’ Mark told You Magazine.

‘Because she’s beating me and I’m annoyed about it.’

The lovebirds – who got engaged in September 2013 – have also previously Tweeted about having a cooking competition, which saw Mark beat Michelle with his pasta dish.

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