Former Geordie Star co-stars Marnie Simpsons and Vicky Pattison both atteneded the MTV EMAs in Milan.

These two former Geordie Shore co-stars must be fans of Taylor Swift as there seems to be some pretty bad blood between the both of them, as Marnie Simpson hit out at Vicky Pattison at the MTV EMAs.

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As both of them hit the red carpet for the event held at Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy, looking glamorous dressed head-to-toe in black, Marnie – who has recently split from fiancé Ricky Rayment – made it quite clear that she wouldn’t be going on a girl’s night out with also newly-single Vicky.

‘No, never, not in a million years.’

Ouch. Speaking to MailOnline, Marnie revealed that she’s not exactly the biggest fan of the 27-year-old.

‘There’s nothing about the girl that I like so why would I?’

Double ouch. Not even for a cheeky tipple out on the toon?

Talking to the BANG Showbiz, the 23-year-old also hit out on Vicky for slamming her Geordie BFF and co-star Chloe Etherington.

‘I’ve heard that she’s been griefing Chloe as well. How old’s Vicky? 30? 21? Why would you even greif a 19-year-old?’

Despite both having starred in Geordie Shore, Marnie and Vicky have both been going head-to-head with one another for a while now, having had a good ol’ fashioned Twitter fued for the past few months.

Vicky claimed that Marnie had tried to get close with her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Bear. But Marnie isn’t having any of it.

‘I just think she’s got too much time on her hands.’

‘For some reason she’s just really unhappy with herself. I think she’s such an insecure girl that she’s got to try and bash other girls to make herself feel better.’

Oh god, Girl World’s confusing isn’t it?!

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