If they can beat Don't Forget Where You Belong, we'll eat our One Direction posters.

Earlier today, the stupendous news broke that McBusted had written a song that *might* just make it onto the new One Direction album.

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine, Danny Jones and his lovely floppy hair revealed that he enjoyed writing music with Niall Horan so much, he’d penned a little ditty for the new album. ‘We’ve done stuff with him before and he really liked it,’ Danny explained. ‘We did submit a song for the new One Direction album, fingers crossed they like it.’

Of course, as any self-respecting Directioner knows, it wouldn’t be the first time the McBusted boys have written for Harry Styles and co. Their past musical masterpieces include I Want, I Would (anyone else noticing a theme here?) and that lovely, twinkly ballad, Don’t Forget Where You Belong.

Here is why we simply NEED them to be on the new album. Please, in the name of all that is fangirling, let this happen.

1. Imagine a JOINT LIVE SHOW

dougie poynter, one direction

The thought of One Direction performing on McBusted’s floating spaceship as Dougie Poynter dances around them with his lovely arms out is too much for us to cope with right now. (We put Dougie in that pic. He improves it no end, dontcha think?)

2. It could be hilarious…

If you didn’t think the lyrics to Air Hostess were comedy gold when it was released back in the Busted days, we suggest you reassess your teenage years. Surely the 1D fans who are too young to remember this deserve their own slice of groundbreaking humour in the form of a McBusted-penned One Direction hit?

3. …or it could be totes emosh

kim k crying

We’re calling it – Don’t Forget Where You Belong was an actual anthem. If McBusted can write something else where this came from, the only Direction we’ll be going is face-first into our pillows.

4. Harry Styles needs more rock songs to go with his look

He’s been rocking the Keith Richards vibe for some time now. He’s basically crying out for a decent rock song that will merit all his on-stage strutting. And who better to write it than McBusted?

5. They could share fashion tips

Dougie’s lumberjack shirts, Tom Fletcher‘s glasses, Matt Willis‘s leather trousers…all welcome additions to the One Direction wardrobe if you ask us. Yes, we know songwriting doesn’t usually involve dressing up in each other’s clothes, but we can dream…

Watch McBusted talking about their 2015 tour below.

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