Dougie Poynter wouldn't mind working with his girlfriend's band


McFly are keen to make music with The Saturdays.

Guitarist Dougie Poynter, 21, who is dating girlband star Frankie Sandford, thinks it would be great for the 2 groups to team up .

‘That would be pretty sweet, we could dance with them,’ agrees Harry Judd, 23.

But Dougie doesn’t think the girls will be keen on the plan.

‘I don’t think they’d like to work with us,’ he admits.

‘It would be cool to work with someone people wouldn’t expect like Coolio or something.’

McFly have been named as the final mentors of the 2009 Celebrity Master Class programme run by Santander’s UK current account brands Abbey and Alliance & Leicester. Designed to provide inspiration to 16-to-21 year olds.