Introducing Alfie Deyes, the real life reality star taking over the world - from his bedroom

With The X Factor losing viewers by the week and bands like One Direction failing to top the charts with their latest offering Steal My Girl – one person who isn’t worried about losing their audience is Alfie Deyes.

The 21-year-old King of YouTube pulls in a staggering 36 million views to his Pointless Blog channel each month, which he films while sat in his Brighton bedroom.

The videos Alfie‘s been creating for five years now offer tips to improve your life, how-to guides to the perfect slumberparty, and even see Alfie playing a blindfolded game of ‘guess the body part’ with girlfriend Zoella.   

There’s no structure or rules, other than clean family-friendly fun.  

So why is a boy who can’t sing, act or do anything remarkably special pulling in audiences that TV producers and celebrities could only dream of?

Because he’s a nice guy.

That’s basically the be-all and end-all of Alfie’s success.

Through his charm and charisma, Alfie is nothing more than a lovely person projecting positivity to his 5 million fans who are seeking a sense of escapism through his videos.

There are no fauxmances, shocking scandals or improvised drama behind the light-hearted videos Deyes uploads daily.

Alfie and his friends are simply the stars of their own web-based reality shows, also known as their lives.

But away from YouTube and the web, what does all this mean when you look at the bigger picture?

Alfie and his crew of fellow content creators aren’t just the evidence of where this generation are now seeking their entertainment, they’re also the evidence of how new celebrities are now born.

A recent survey of 16-25 year olds revealed a whopping 40 per cent of them aspire to follow in the footsteps of their internet heroes and opted for ‘web celeb’ as their chosen career path, with only 6 per cent dreaming of becoming a reality TV star.

Does this mean the stars of The Only Way Is EssexMade In Chelsea and fellow reality stars should be scared?

Not immediately, but maybe one day yes.

Because we’ve now reached the point where the secret stars of the internet are now transferring into the public eye away from the web – in quite a dramatic way.

Alfie, who recently released his first book Pointless Book, caused scenes of chaos when over 8,000 fans descended on London’s Waterstones to meet the star.

So much so that police helicopters and horses had to be deployed to man the masses.

And Alfie isn’t the only social media star causing a stir in the real world.

Beauty blogger Tanya Burr smashed Superdrug sales records when she released her debut make-up range.

Alfie‘s girlfriend Zoella‘s bath range trended worldwide and sold out within seconds upon its online release, and she has two novels on their way with imminent global release dates.

And even their fellow YouTubing transatlantic friend from over the pond Troye Sivan shot straight to number one on iTunes in 55 countries following the release of his debut EP.

There’s no denying YouTube is the future home for celebrity, but will existing stars find a way to adapt or simply be forgotten as more of us continue to turn to our laptops rather than televisions each and every day?

Check out one of Alfie‘s latest offerings below which sees the star on stage at Wembley…

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