Despite the odds, seems the TOWIE romance isn't over just yet...

TOWIE favourite Megan McKenna has spoken out about the extent to which Pete Wicks was a naughty boy throughout their relationship, revealing that he was texting up to TEN other women!

Yet the love story doesn’t seem to have come to a full end – as she’s also admitted to having his social media details stored in her phone. How intriguing…

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Nearly two weeks since the shocking revelation that Pete had been sending X-rated messages to former fling Jacqui Ryland, Megan has now given a full chat about her feelings on the situation. Before Jacqui’s messages came out, Megan discovered texts from other women:

‘I had a weird feeling in my stomach… Pete had been ‘off’ with me for about a week, it was my birthday coming up and we’d had a few rows because he made me feel like he hated me, so I looked in his phone.

‘I never expected to find what I did. I didn’t just find one text, I found a lot… There were 10 different girls.’

Crikey! She then went on to reveal that there’d been a flirtation with one in particular for a series of months,

‘There was one girl who caught my eye – it wasn’t Jacqui – and they had been texting non-stop for three months back and forth,’ she emotionally told The Sun.

‘She had been sending topless pictures of herself, and there was one where she was lying on her bed with her legs on show and me and Pete were on the TV in the background.’

Poor Megan - the pair have been so loved up in recent days

Poor Megan – the pair have been so loved up in recent days

In scenes to be aired on Wednesday night’s (12th October) edition of the structured reality show, Megan has it out with Pete fully – and she gives back the beloved Rolex he bought her for her birthday merely days before.

But in the days since, it seems as if her fury has dimmed – as the Sun revealed elsewhere in the interview that Megan has decided to give their relationship another chance!

‘I sat him down and made him tell me everything and he said, “You know I’d never do this again to you, I’ve f*cked up and made a mistake.”

‘He got a new phone, blocked all the numbers and deleted Snapchat. I now have his Twitter and Instagram on my phone.

‘He said ‘I want to show you how much you mean to me.”

We love seeing these two as a couple, so fingers crossed Pete will behave himself completely this time – we hate seeing Megan so sad!

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