Here’s what happened when Mr Scary Spice met Harry Styles by the bogs

There are many places you expect to bump into a superstar, but public toilets aren’t really one of them.

Unless you’re Mel B’s husband Stephen Belafonte that is.

Scary Spice’s fella only went and bumped into the wonder that is Harry Styles by the bogs at a party last week, and obviously whipped his iPhone out to document the encounter.

Because, um, that’s a completely normal thing for a grown man to do?

In quite possibly the oddest selfie style video we’ve ever watched, Belafonte boasts into the camera saying ‘we’re back in action baby, we’re back in action’ – while a slightly uncomfortable looking Harry replies: ‘We’re in a toilet, this is strange.’

Yes Harold, we agree, this is all quite strange.

The ‘strange’ encounter is said to have happened during Nobu’s Fourth of July party earlier this week in Los Angeles.

During One Direction’s current break from their On The Road Again world tour, the singer was spotted alongside the likes of Kylie Jenner and Tyga at the swanky bash.

Now the main question we’re all asking ourselves is… what would you do if you bumped into one of the world’s biggest popstars in a toilet?

1) Take a photo
2) Take a peek
3) Absolutely nothing

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