Lorraine has made some shocking accusations

As Mel B and Stephen Belafonte‘s divorce battle continues, accusations are coming in thick and fast from both sides.

Mel’s divorce papers include allegations of physical abuse as well as the shocking claim that Stephen had an affair with their children’s former childminder, Lorraine Gilles who aborted his baby – something which both parties deny.

But now in some shocking counter claims, Lorraine has filed court documents that allege Mel was the one who seduced her – and that she and Stephen only slept together with Mel’s knowledge.

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In the documents, Lorraine – who worked for the couple in 2009 – confirmed that she did have an abortion in 2014 but said she fell pregnant following a one-night stand, and the child was not Stephen’s.

Lorraine has accused Mel of seducing her into a seven year relationship [Instagram]

Instead, Lorraine claims she was a ‘naive and curious 18-year old’ who was seduced by Mel with ‘alcohol, fame and casual sex’ – before the pair went on to have a seven year sexual relationship.

The court documents which were obtained by The Mirror, claim: ‘From the onset, Brown and Gilles developed a friendship and sexual relationship with one another that was separate and apart from Brown’s relationship with her husband.

‘Brown explained to Gilles that she and her husband had an open relationship.’

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A handwritten note supposedly signed by Mel was also included as evidence with the documents which is thought to have been sent two weeks before the divorce was filed.

The message states: ‘I wish you nothing but the best in your life and yet again thank you for everything you have ever done for me and my family, and I mean that with a pure heart.

‘Go live your life and have a great time doing it, and please let me live mine with my family, no need to reply to me nor Stephen respectively please.’

Mel is yet to comment on the shocking claims, but in addition to the alleged affair with her husband, the 36-year-old previously accused Lorraine of possessing up to 15 boxes of hers, filled with items such as her sex tapes, Spice Girls memorabilia and photos of Lorraine and Stephen.

Following the accusations TMZ reports that a judge has awarded mum-of-three Mel a restraining order against the nanny, meaning that she is forbidden from coming within 100 feet of her.

We’ll have to wait and see how this shocking divorce plays out.