The singer has overcome her demons


Mel C is happy to have finally made peace with her body.

The singer has suffered from an eating disorder in the past and admits that she struggled to cope with her yo-yoing weight in those days.

‘When I was in the Spice Girls I did have some issues, so I was a bit underweight then,’ says Mel, 40.

‘And then I put on a little too much weight. I was dealing with some personal issues and it took a couple of years before I had a healthier attitude to food and exercise.’

Fortunately Mel C has learned to take care of herself over the years and reached a turning point when she was expecting her daughter Scarlet, now 5.

‘I spent so many years not being happy with my body that I made a promise to myself to stop being so critical and that’s been liberating for me,’ the mum-of-one says.

‘I loved seeing my body change when I was pregnant – it took away any self-hatred. No one is perfect.’

Becoming a parent has also affected Mel’s exercise routine as she tends to be on the go much more.

‘Since I had my little girl, I now do a lot of running around and triathlons,’ the Liverpudlian star reveals.

‘And my weight is easier to keep off.’

Mel C is clearly in a good place these days. The singer takes a relaxed attitude to what she eats and doesn’t worry about trying to shed the pounds.

‘I don’t stress about it too much – I’m very active,’ she explains.

‘I give myself a bit of freedom with food, especially if I’m not working.’

The singer tends to munch on healthy grub but is happy to indulge in her favourite treats too.

‘It’s all about balance,’ says Mel.

‘I try to eat well in the week and relax a bit at weekends.

‘I don’t have a sweet tooth – I’m all about crisps, chips and lager!’

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