Model hopes to make things work with Wayne Roberts

Melinda Messenger is giving her relationship with husband Wayne Roberts another shot – six months after they split.

‘There’s nothing more we would like than to make our marriage work again, but we need some space to sort ourselves out,’ she says.

‘Wayne and I are still very good friends and spend a lot of time together.’

Melinda says neither of them has embarked on a relationship with anyone else.

‘If anything, we date each other when we have time, usually when the children have gone to bed and there’s a window of opportunity for us to have some adult talk,’ she says.

‘He’s not living with me, but he’s a brilliant, devoted father and we want the best for our children.

‘The love hasn’t vanished between us. We’re enjoying ourselves and taking each day as it comes.’

Melinda, 37, and Wayne, 34, are parents to Morgan, 8, Flynn, 6, and Evie, 4.

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