The singer has learned to cope with stardom

Michael Bublé is glad that he didn’t find fame until his mid-twenties.

The singer admits that he’s often found being in the public eye quite difficult and doesn’t think he would have handled it very well if he’d been any younger.

‘[Fame is] absurd. It stunts your growth,’ says Michael, 39.

‘In the years before I got lucky, I was utterly miserable, because it wasn’t happening for me. I was 26 years old. I just felt, “You’re finished.”

‘But now I think to myself, thank God I was 26 before this happened, because I can see absolutely how fame stops you maturing. Life starts to become unreal – you stop hearing the word “no”.’

To stop the pressures of fame from getting to him, Michael Bublé surrounds himself with his loved ones including wife Luisana Lopilato and their young son Noah.

*Heart melts*.

‘I know everyone says “My family and friends are hugely important to me, they keep me grounded”, but I tell you, these days, without a doubt, I’m no star,’ the singer tells the Sunday Times.

‘I might play arenas, I might have that “projection”, but I live a pretty simple life. I’m a dad, a husband, a brother and a son.

‘My family are constantly with me. The whole culture of celebrity is a very empty shell to live in.

‘I’m definitely better at seeing that now than I was when I was 26, 27, 28. I didn’t know how to handle it back then.’

Michael Bublé also keeps things in check by having his own rules when he’s on the road.

The smooth singer forbids certain things and admitted last year that he won’t allow a saxophone to play solo in his band as it makes him nervous.

‘They creep me out,’ said Michael.

‘It’s like when someone takes a poop on a piece of paper and goes, “This is abstract art.”‘

Michael also bans female crew members from coming on tour with him after bad experiences in the past.

‘I say, “There’s no relationships on the road,”‘ the dad-of-one told Seven Magazine in 2013.

‘And they say to me, “Of course we’re not going to have relationships. We are professionals and we have a boyfriend at home.”

‘The next thing you know they’re sleeping with the sound guy. And then the sound guy is fighting over another girl and it becomes a drama.

‘It’s an incestuous life. Let’s make it easy. Every time I’ve had female crew we’ve had serious break-ups and yellings.

‘Obviously I love women. It’s not about not loving women. It’s about I don’t want to be surrounded by drama.’

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