It's all a bit awkward...

Michelle Keegan has been labeled a hypocrite on social media after slamming girls who wear next-to-nothing for their Halloween costumes…

…Despite her Twitter icon showing the Our Girl actress in her underwear. Awks.

Taking to Twitter, the 29-year-old said: ‘Halloween… For the people who dress up in underwear and throw blood on themselves and think it’s ok… It’s not!’

However, many fans pointed out that she isn’t exactly dressed as a nun in her social media pics.

One fan said: ‘Somewhat agree but it’s their bodies, you wouldn’t want someone telling you what to do with yours. Same applies.’

Another added: ‘Smh at you and your hypocrisy I mean look at your profile picture? Let people do what tf thy want if it isn’t hurting’


And one response, that currently has more likes than the original tweet, said: ‘Does your profile picture automatically make you a hypocrite.’

Michelle Keegan

Only a day before making this statement, Michelle Keegan also shared a snapfrom her holiday only wearing a vest top and very, very thin bikini bottoms.

Though not every called the star out for ‘body shaming’.

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One fan defended her: ‘Hahaha yesss Michelle my thoughts exactly your supposed to wear a costume not take clothes off obviously they crave attention!!’

Oh dear. This would probably bother Michelle if she wasn’t on a dream holiday with her husband Mark Wright right now. Awkward indeed.