Made In Chelsea's Millie believes that people overestimate her wealth

Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh wants to be
remembered for more than just being a socialite.

Although she admits she lives a luxury lifestyle, Millie is determined to prove that she works hard to make her way in the world.

‘I’m sure some people have this idea that my life is an
endless cycle of glamorous holidays, oxygen facials, handbag shopping, movie
premieres and cocktail parties,’ says Millie, 22.

‘Don’t get me wrong, all that is part of my life.

‘But I’m not some posh bitch who’s been given everything on
a plate.’

The Mackintosh family were the inventors of Quality Street,
Caramac and Toffee Crisp, but Millie wants to clear up any rumours that she
inherited millions from her ancestors.

‘It’s not as if I get a cut every time someone eats a
toffee,’ Millie tells the Mail On Sunday.

‘My family sold the business years ago.

‘I’m comfortable, but I don’t live a flash life.

‘What people don’t see is that I work tremendously hard.

‘My family have always been grafters, and from an early age
I was encouraged to have a work ethic.

‘I’ll never let that go.’

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Lucy Lynch